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How to disassemble and assemble your Apple Mighty Mouse for cleaning up the scroll wheel

Problem scrolling in some direction with your Apple Mighty Mouse? It’s probably dirty. Here is how you crack it open, take it apart, clean it and put it back together.
It is, in fact, quite simple.

Slight warning: In the end, you will need to glue it back together. But that is just a small piece of delicious cake.
You should of course try the ”official method” first: Holding it upside down and wiping the ball with a dry cloth. I’ve tried to be as pedagogical as I could, but I can take no responsibility for your success or failure. Sorry.
Here’s what you need:
1 small Phillips electronics screwdriver (Ie a small normal cross screwdriver.)
1 (preferably 2) small flat screwdrivers
Some glue
Ok, here we go:

This step is not so simple, but you should be able to work it out. You will hear som cracking noises, but don't worry, the risk of breaking something you are not suppose to is not that grave.

In order to dissconnect the two wires, lift as shown. (The two wires are, as you can see, already disconnected in my picture.)

The two (white) small plastic locks needs to be pushed in, in order to open this sealed box.

The parts you need to clean.

Note that the rotating parts should be placed clockwise, as shown.

Note: The metal "tounge" (1) should point AWAY from area marked (2), shaped a little bit like an old church wall 🙂

The correct order to assemble, from right to left.

This part is quite tricky. Make sure the small holes fit together. Takes a bit of practice.

Done, hopefully fully functional again. Scrolling at it's best. Enjoy!

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